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Why do Spanish brides seek foreign men? Do they really dream to find their husband abroad? Discover the reasons for Spanish women to become mail order brides!

Best Spanish Mail Order Brides Sites in UK 2024


Ines Sastre, Paz Vega, Elsa Pataky, Penelope Cruz… When you hear the words “Spanish woman” you probably imagine a collage of all these extremely beautiful ladies. Well, that’s a stereotype, but the reality is not that far from this stereotype — Spanish women are really that hot and they really stand out from the crowd because of their appearance. But we believe that it’s not about physical appearance when it comes to choosing a wife or a long-term girlfriend. Here, we’ll tell you the most important facts you need to know about Spanish brides before you start dating a girl from this country, and we can bet these facts will help you understand these ladies and their culture better.

Top facts to know about Spanish brides

They are hot, really hot

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We usually don’t talk about it because, well, all women are beautiful and unique. But when it comes to Spanish brides, it’s just impossible to ignore the fact that they are very, very beautiful. That’s not just words; there are lots of surveys that prove that Spanish girls are among the hottest women in Europe. Many of them have slim figures, long silky hair, and very beautiful faces with typical Spaniard facial features; many of them know how to take care of their skin and how to use makeup to highlight their best features; many of them also have a great sense of style. It’s one of those combinations you have no chance to not be impressed with.

Spanish women don’t want to marry early

The average age of first marriage in this country for women is 33.2 years — just compare it with the US (28 years), China (24.9 years), or Colombia (22.3 years) to understand the difference. So if you’re going to find a woman, meet her a few times, and marry her, this is probably not the best country for you. Of course, there are still thousands and even tens of thousands of Spanish brides in their 20s who are searching for a foreign husband, but in general, the situation is not that bright. If you want to find a country full of younger girls who dream of having a marriage, think of Eastern European brides. The age of the first marriage is 25-27 in such countries as Ukraine, Poland, and Russia.

They are religious, but not as much as before

Almost 50% of young (18-24) Spanish people don’t care about religion (44% of those who are 25-34 years old). At the same time, half of young Spaniards are still religious (most likely, they are Catholics), so it’s possible to find both a religious and an atheist woman among thousands of Spanish brides.

Spanish women usually don’t have a lot of kids

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The Spanish pattern of fecundity looks similar to other European countries: the employment of women has increased, the number of single people has increased too, that’s why the birth rate becomes lower and lower. The crude birth rate (number of live births per 1,000 population) is only 9.1 in Spain while it’s 11.6 in the United States. Of course, most Spanish women don’t want to have children in their 20s. Thus, the average age at which Spanish women have the first child is 30 years, which is not surprising taking into account the average age of first marriage in this country.

Girls from Spain are often jealous

No scientific proofs here — it’s just the thing many Americans who date Spanish women complain about quite often. It’s not something bad of course, well, in most cases, but you still need to know about it. Spanish girls are often said to be as jealous as Latinas so we highly recommend not talking about your ex on the very first date (and on any of the next ones, too) because you will not like the result!

They are passionate…

…and they prefer the Eros-type of love (romantic, sexual, and passionate) to other types. Did you know there are 7 types of love by the way? Spanish brides see love as something being based on passion, not on friendship and companionship. It’s all about their expressive culture and in this regard, Spanish women are very similar to Colombian, Brazilian, and Chilean ladies.

Spanish brides: Best dating tips

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Before you find a bride from Spain and meet her, you need to understand that Spanish dating culture differs from American dating culture. Continue reading to find useful tips that will help you have a great date with your Spanish bride!

  • We’ve already told you about the average marriage/first-time mother’s age in this country, and here’s what it means for you: you shouldn’t expect your Spanish bride to settle down if she’s in her 20s. Even if she thinks that family is the most important thing in the world, that’s not what most young Spanish women need.
  • Some Spanish brides are always late, you’ll have to deal with this. There’s nothing to do with it, and it doesn’t mean they don’t value other people’s time. They are late just because that’s what they are, so accept it and have patience!
  • Show that you respect and like Spanish food, culture, and (pro-level advice) language. They are proud of their history and culture, so by showing some respect, you’ll earn some brownie points. Learning Spanish is the best thing you can do actually — it’s not the hardest language in the world and by learning it, you’ll show your bride how much you value her.
  • Be as romantic as possible. From giving her a massage to holding hands, from opening the car door to booking the rooftop garden for a dinner, there are hundreds of romantic things you can do.
  • Look your best! Yes, appearance is not everything, but it’s definitely something. Spanish women are extremely hot, and they want a man to look great, too, so follow at least the basic steps, and it’ll work out. Wear a watch, choose dark and neutral colors, smell good, polish your shoes — all these things are very simple, but you just can’t forget about them when you’re about to have a date with a girl from Spain.

If you got even more interested in dating Spanish girls after you learned so many facts about them, you should definitely try to start a relationship with one of these women. Do it online or offline — that’s your choice; just remember all their most common features and the dating tips we’ve provided, and your relationship will start and continue just great.

Hi, I’m Rodolfo Lowe, and I know what it’s like to be single and dreaming about finding a soulmate. I’ve been into several relationships, and most of them didn’t end up in marriage, except for the last ones. Now, I’m in a strong and stable relationship with my foreign wife.
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