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Why do European brides seek foreign men? Do they really dream to find their husband abroad? Discover the reasons for European women to become mail order brides!

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Eastern European brides: Top 6 facts

They don’t care about gender equality (but it depends)

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Well, not all of them think the same, of course, but that’s what our disclaimer was about. In Russia, 54% of the population supposes that gender equality is important. In Ukraine, it’s 57%. What about Poland and Slovakia? 69% and 67% respectively. You’ve got an idea — former Soviet nations still don’t think that gender equality is something major, especially if you compare these countries with the United States where 98% of the population say that gender equality is important.

Eastern European brides don’t care about traditional roles

One of the most common things people say about Eastern European brides is that they are perfect Stepford wives; obedient, supportive no matter what, ready to be stay-at-home wives, submissive, and docile. Well, even if some of these are true (like, they are really supportive and some of them can be stay-at-home wives), the reality is that most of them are not actually into traditional family roles.

Yes, some of them still prefer traditional marriage roles — in 2019, 28% of Ukrainians and 29% of Russians preferred a marriage where a man provides for his family and a woman is a stay-at-home mother. It’s not too much, actually — 21% of Americans would prefer such marriage, too. The truth is that when it comes to Eastern Europe it’s mostly adults (60+) who prefer traditional marriage roles and that the preference for a traditional marriage has dropped drastically during the last 25 years. In most Eastern European countries except for Russia, young women prefer the type of marriage where both husband and wife provide, earn, and take care of the house/children. So yes, they can be obedient and they can stay at home, but a) not all of them and b) not always.

They know about violence and abuse

Many of them have experienced either physical or psychological violence (or both) at least once, and the problem becomes even more serious when it comes to those with a low income. Unfortunately, when it comes to Eastern European women, violence — especially psychological violence e.g verbal insults, harassment, coercion, etc — is a thing these girls experience quite often if they choose a wrong life partner. What’s more, this is one of the reasons why Eastern European women become Eastern European brides who are eager to leave their home countries.

European women prefer early marriage

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Typically, Eastern European brides marry earlier than women from Western Europe and the United States. The age at first marriage is 25-27 when we’re talking about Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Moldova, and Romania and 30-34 when we’re talking about the UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden, etc. If you want to marry a woman in her 20s, European brides from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and other Eastern countries are exactly the girls you should choose from.

They are not that religious

It doesn’t matter if you are an atheist or a man who believes in God/higher power/spiritual force, religion is still very important when it comes to dating. Why? Well, because religious compatibility matters — if you and your mail order bride belong to different religions or if she is very religious, it might lead to serious relationship problems. When you think of the most religious countries in Europe, it’s always Eastern Europe that comes to mind (e.g Poland). But is it really so?

In reality, we just can’t say that the women from this region are too religious. If you compare them with American ladies, here’s what you’ll get: At least 33% of Americans attend religious services once or twice a month, while it’s 30%-40% in Eastern Europe. The relation to religion is almost the same here as in the United States!

European ladies are family-centered

Even if the family pattern is not as traditional as it was before in Eastern Europe, the family is still central in the lives of Eastern Europeans and plays a crucial role for them. Eastern European women support extended family members, care for elderly family members, can raise children themselves (it’s a common thing in this region), and they often think that adult children have responsibility for parents. It’s all about their traditions, culture, and… Economics — in developed countries, people are not dependent on their families, while people in developing Eastern European countries think that the family members are responsible for each other.

How to date European brides?

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  • Buy her a gift — women from this part of the world think that it’s really cute when a man buys them something cool on the first date. It mustn’t be a new iPhone, a laptop, or jewelry — a beautiful bouquet or a small bottle of her favorite perfume will work great. If your gift is more expensive than that, she might think that you want to buy her, not to impress her.
  • Look your best. We haven’t talked about it, but here’s a fact: women from Eastern Europe are extremely beautiful. They don’t think that a man must wear brand new clothes from top name brands — they just think that a man must look tidy and neat, that his shoes must be polished, and that he must smell good. It’s like a “Date A European” all-in-one starter pack.
  • Be respectful, lead the date, and open the doors for her. These women (most of them, remember?) love small acts of chivalry and they love it when a man is a little bit old-fashioned.

Now you know a bit more about Eastern European girls and even know how to date them. It’s high time to actually try to ask one of them out! Use any of the online or offline methods to find them, whether it is a dating app or your Eastern European friends, and go ahead to building a relationship – if you really like these charming beauties, of course.

Hi, I’m Rodolfo Lowe, and I know what it’s like to be single and dreaming about finding a soulmate. I’ve been into several relationships, and most of them didn’t end up in marriage, except for the last ones. Now, I’m in a strong and stable relationship with my foreign wife.
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