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Why do Indian brides seek foreign men? Do they really dream to find their husband abroad? Discover the reasons for Indian women to become mail order brides!

Indian Mail Order Brides Sites in UK 2024

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Tens of thousands of Indian mail order brides are looking for a man from the United States, and thousands of them marry American men every single year. Well, not only American — there are lots of mail order brides UK services where British and other European men can find a girl from India. Some people say Indian brides are perfect, the others (especially those who had some sort of unpleasant experience with these women) say that they are not that impressive.

So, who these women really are? What do you have to know about the cultural differences before you marry a girl from India? And what are the key tips to make your date or/and relationship with Indian brides successful? Read this guide and find out!

Some useful facts to know about Indian mail order brides

These women are different and here, we’ll tell you the most important facts you should know about them. Let’s start.

For most Indian brides, divorce is not even an option

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Did you know that these women don’t usually divorce their husbands? The thing is, this country has the lowest divorce rate of all world countries. It’s not about tenths of a percent — the second top country with the lowest divorce rate, Chile, has triple as many divorces as India! The reasons are simple: religion (marriage is considered sacred), traditions, patriarchal society, and relation to the concept of marriage which is more like the union of two families than the union of bride and groom only.

Indian brides are both traditional and modern

When we’re talking about Indian women from rural areas, they are typically more traditional, but when it comes to educated, working young ladies from big Indian cities, it’s usually the best of both worlds. When it comes to the young girls from the biggest cities, it’s always a great combination of westernization benefits (freedom to choose career or family, freedom to express themselves freely, etc) and the benefits of a traditional society (nuclear family, gender roles, supportive parents, etc). According to some surveys, lots of urban Indian women in their 20s and 30s dream of having a good career and exploring their talents, not just about a loving relationship, and that’s quite an important change. However, most of these young urban girls (approximately 82%) still think that marriage is important.

Indian mail order brides know how to manage household chores

They cook, clean, and do everything else even if they are not stay-at-home wives. Of course, it would be great if you help your Indian wife do daily household chores, but even if you have no time, she won’t complain about it.

Girls from different areas of India aren’t the same

The differences between the girls from different parts of the country are quite huge. Women from the South of India are more likely to be educated, choose their husbands themselves, socialize with their friends, and live more freely in general than their Northern counterparts. If you want to find an obedient Indian girl who’ll be a stay-at-home wife and bear as many children as you want, go North. If you want to find a Westernized Indian bride who’ll have modern views on gender roles, go South and Northern East.

Like almost all the Asian mail order brides (especially the ones from Southeastern Asia), Indian women suffer from domestic violence. Unfortunately, girls often face physical and psychological violence and even sexual abuse in this country, and it’s not a problem that can only be met in the lower segments of the Indian society.

Indian mail order brides: Top dating and relationship tips

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You don’t have to follow the rules and tips we provide here, but your relationship is likely to start successfully if you take them into consideration.

  • Send a message the same/the next day you had a date. The “three-day rule” might work in the United States, but in India, most young women think (71%) that if the first date is good, it’s important to let the partner know within 1 day.
  • It’s all about family in this country, so you’ll have to develop a great relationship with your in-laws. Of course, you should never abuse them (it’s the biggest red flag in a relationship with an Indian woman) and always show respect to them. It may happen that you’ll have to deal with prejudice and even stereotypes, but don’t worry, Indians are not against interracial marriages; even slight prejudices are not actually that common in India.
  • Show respect. As we’ve already said, many Indian girls suffer from domestic violence, both psychological and physical, and even if your bride has never faced this problem, she has most likely heard about it. Be respectful, be a gentleman — that’s how you’ll show her that you are the right man who’ll never abuse her.
  • Buy a gift. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be an expensive item because these women are not too demanding. Yes, it would be great if you buy them a bouquet of flowers or, say, a perfume, and they will appreciate it if you invite them to a restaurant on the first date. But it’s not like they expect you to spend thousands of dollars on courting.

How much will your wedding with an Indian bride cost?

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Marriage is a milestone, a sacred union, and one of the most important events in the life of an Indian person. That’s why they spend a lot of money on their weddings. Some Indian weddings cost up to 5 lakhs (about $600,000), but it’s not an “average” wedding when you spend $200,000 on designer clothes and follow all the latest Indian bridal trends, of course. The lower limit is about $100,000 which is 3 times as expensive as a typical American marriage. Of course, you don’t need to spend that much. It’s possible to save money by limiting the guest list and the number of events, choosing the best prices for catering, etc.

Everything else is not that expensive — Indian mail order brides services cost about $30-$50 per month, a flight to New Delhi can cost about $300-$500, and a week in India will cost you about $200-$600.

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