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Rodolfo Lowe

Hi, I’m Rodolfo Lowe, and I know what it’s like to be single and dreaming about finding a soulmate. I’ve been into several relationships, and most of them didn’t end up in marriage, except for the last ones. Now, I’m in a strong and stable relationship with my foreign wife.

Wonder how I’ve managed to meet my lover after experiencing so many breakups? I understood that it was about not putting too much on yourself and not being afraid of meeting new people. It was around 6 years ago when I decided to use a dating website and try my chances; spoiler: it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Now, I work for the website that helped me find a lover, and I’m smiling, thinking about the adventures that life’s prepared for me. I know all the struggles of long-distance relationships and understand how challenging it is sometimes to understand how to communicate with a woman who makes you feel butterflies.

I’ve completed the “Advanced Creative Writing Courses” by Oxford University. Now I know how to engage readers and how to put my feelings and experiences into words in articles that help other men in similar situations find their lovers and establish strong relationships.

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